LSD programming

We are a software company. Everything we make is built in Detroit.

Track Master

Turn your trackpad into a powerful MIDI controller

Track Master gives you the ability to play and control music with just your fingers. It provides all the features of a standard hardware MIDI controller has without the need for additional hardware.

Play with up to 11 fingers and control your DAW with just your touchpad.


A text editor that's never in your way

Writer supports Lion's most advanced features such as autosave and document versioning. When other applications start distracting your creative workflow, easily switch to fullscreen mode.

Never lose track of your documents in window clutter.

LSD programming

LSD programming was founded in 2011 by two Wayne State University students. Since then, we've published OS X and iOS applications ranging from a multitouch MIDI controller to a live streaming Twitter client.

We focus on simplicity and usability.